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Twin Legends: Yasuke Shiba Hat

Twin Legends: Yasuke Shiba Hat

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Discover the story behind each Twin Legend hat as you embark with them on their journey. Featuring an embroidered design of the character and surrounding cherry blossoms, this hat pays homage to a classic tale of courage and strength. Take your style to the next level and set your own legend in motion!

Yasuke Shiba:-
Yasuka Shiba the Dog of Oda, a Samurai from the Sengoku period, never left their master's side since being born and being present throughout his training.

One evening Yasuka looked on from the locked window of his home as his master Oda died by the claws of “Tiger” whilst protecting the perimeter from an unknown noise.

Wielding Oda’s sword, you’ll hunt for the Tiger that killed him.


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